Non master branch builds failing


Non master branch builds are failing for me. The configuration steps for build are not followed for some reason. I only have a top level build process. Donot know what i need to do in this case.

Sample build here


Hey, can you please install the CircleCI local build tool and run the validator on your config?

It looks like your build is running on CircleCI 1.0 even though you’re using a 2.0 config. I think it’s because there’s several YAML errors in it.


$ circleci config validate -c .circleci/config.yml (env: apibackend)

config file is valid


So, that’s strange. It’s validating, but the indention is off. I’d still strongly suggest fixing that to rule it out for the current issue or anything in the future.

The main problem is that th build is running as 1.0 and I’m trying to figure out why. Do you have a ./circle.yml file in addition to .circleci/config.yml?


The problem is that its random.
Some branches are working fine


And some branches just refuse to get picked up.

Also no i donot have ./circle.yml, we started with circle ci 2.0
So there is no chance of having a 1.0 file.

I will fix the indentation just in case but i doubt thats the issue