Plans for supporting recent .NET SDKs

Right now the latest .NET SDK installed on the CircleCI windows orb (5.0) and the server 2022 executor is .NET 6.0.401. The most recent version for the .NET 6 SDK is 6.0.405. Additionally the .NET 7 SDK is also available.

Are there plans for updating the windows server 2022 image to the latest .NET 6 SDK and adding the .NET 7 SDK?

Thank you for your help.

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The next Windows Server 2022 VM image will be published soon in February. It will include the latest .net 6 version at the time. We’ll consider beginning to test v7 after that. I .net Convenience Image (Docker) is in the works in the May-July timeframe.

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Thank you for the information.

I had run into a problem with a build on the version of the .NET SDK that is on that image. I ended up switching to the .NET SDK 6.0 docker image from Microsoft which is now working for my build.

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