Are there simple dashboard frameworks that work with CircleCI?

I’d like to set up a dashboard for my current client. My thoughts are that I’d create a small VPS machine in their AWS playground account, and create a web app that shows the current state of their builds. They use a bit of self-hosted Jenkins, SonarQube is hopefully coming, and I’ve snuck in as much CircleCI as I can get away with. My hope is that I can show how useful a live on-wall dashboard is, and improve take-up of CI as a result.

The key to this would be flexibility. I’d like to have control over the layout - maybe a grid of projects, with green blocks for currently passing mainlines and red blocks for currently failing mainlines. I’d like to add complexity diagrams from PHP Metrics too, and maybe some copy+paste stats from PHPMD and similar QC tools.

This thing would be read-only - no logging-in. It needs to be safe to let the app run on an unattended computer. In the background it would use the read-only API token. (The CircleCI dashboard is not read-only, but also does not have enough layout control to remove the need to scroll).

I don’t mind getting my hands dirty with some HTML and CSS, and to edit some config files to build this thing. Presently I am minded to write a web app from scratch to do this, but there is probably a simple dashboard framework that does this already, with all the third-party integrations I could possibly want. Any suggestions? :slight_smile: