A job that ran for 4 hours for no reason

Hi I need some help from Circle ci cause im running on a free version, but suddenly, I had a job that ran for 4 hours for no reason. I did a minor javascript change to my project and suddenly it had been running for 4 hours when i checked it now. That uses up all my credits, and I believe it is a bug in circle CI, because my change should not make up for that reason.

I was also not able to check what line it was running on because the cut of at X amount of lines, because we do NPM install and that fills the page.

How can I escalate this further?

To determine what it gets stuck on, perhaps you could make NPM less noisy, and then watch for it happening again. Is it the npm install that it gets stuck on?

What time would you expect the build to take?

You could add a timeout device to long-running tests to prevent a bad build from consuming all your minutes.