"You need write permissions to trigger builds" but I'm the only user


On the Circle web interface, I’ve been trying to Rebuild with SSH, but that option doesn’t seem to be available to me. I see this instead:

However, if I go back to the main list of builds, I see a rebuild button that works.

I’ve tried logging in and out with no change. I’m the only user of the project I’m building, and it’s within my personal GitHub repo that I’m also authenticated as. I’m a bit stumped.

You need write permissions to trigger builds but im the only user

I have the same problem, just started using CircleCI with a new project but I see “You need write permissions to trigger builds”. Thanks for the (partial) workaround of rebuilding from the builds listing page, but I’m also trying to run “Rebuild with SSH”. Currently trying to rebuild and quickly login to SSH before it auto-disables…


Just started experiencing this issue.

Already a month since it was reported and no answer. Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong?


Having the same problem, it’s really annoying


I started exploring this - was unable to recreate.
@danielcompton @satoshinm oshinm @rtfpessoa @stipsan

to confirm - you all are saying you are indeed admins of the organization on GitHub/Bitbucket but the Rebuild option is grayed out.


I’m not an admin on the org, but I certainly have write permissions, and you’re correct: the Rebuild dropdown is disabled with a tooltip saying I need write permissions.


Can you open a ticket so we can dig deeper? Might need to grab a screenshot of your permissions if possible. Do you know if you have any special roles assigned to you?


Already done! #18915

I don’t believe i have any special roles.


No I am not an admin in the organization on our company GitHub.
I am an admin on the repository however.
Interestingly this has been our setup for over 9 months with CircleCI and it’s only recently that I started seeing this “You need write permissions to trigger rebuilds” so it’s safe to assume it wasn’t a change on our end that is the cause.


you all are saying you are indeed admins of the organization on GitHub/Bitbucket but the Rebuild option is grayed out.

Yep, that’s correct.

However I just checked now, and can’t reproduce this anymore.


It still occurs for me. On my work computer, the button is enabled while it is disabled when I’m logged in with the same account on my personal computer. The issue manifests itself just as described above, i.e. the rebuild button works just fine in the overview page.


Same problem here, before today everything was working well… :frowning:


Exact same issue for me, I could rebuild before on a private repo and now I cannot…


Funny thing is: you can just delete the “disabled” CSS class from the rebuild button using your browser’s development tool and it works just fine…


Finding that using the dev versions of some browsers may cause this as well, so please check if that may be the cause if you are seeing this.


Ah yes that’s the problem, I can reproduce this in Safari Technology Preview 31, but not in Safari 10.1.


Still able to reproduce this issue.


I have the same problem on Chrome Canary v61.0.3118.0


What browser and version are you using please?

"You need write permissions to trigger builds"

We are aware that dev versions are having this issue, are you seeing this on a stable version?