Xcode support plan for CircleCI 1.0 on macOS

We recently launched CircleCI 2.0 for Apple platforms. So that we can continue to bring you the best performance for your macOS and iOS projects, we will be focusing our development efforts on CircleCI 2.0:

The next minor release of Xcode (i.e. Xcode 9.2) will be available on CircleCI 1.0, but all subsequent Xcode releases will only be available on CircleCI 2.0. We’re letting you know so that you can plan accordingly. We recommend you start migrating your projects to CircleCI 2.0 as soon as it’s convenient for you.

Here are documents for you to get started:

Note: We currently have no plans for shutting down CircleCI 1.0 for macOS. Please feel free to continue using the 1.0 platform if that fits your workflow better at this time.

Benefits of CircleCI 2.0 on macOS:

  • Average 20% decrease in build times
  • Faster feedback across all projects
  • Run macOS, Linux, and Android in the same config
  • Support for multiple Xcode versions in the same config
  • More control and flexibility with Workflows, our job orchestration engine

Will Xcode 9.2 be set to run on a High Sierra image? I don’t know if 9.2 is even available on Sierra, but as I’m sure you guessed, the current lack of High Sierra as a test environment is problematic.

Is Match going to remain the only supported way to do code signing?