Xcode 9.2 release for CircleCI 1.0



We have released the Xcode 9.2 image on CircleCI 1.0. Please add the following to your circle.yml to select that version of Xcode in your jobs:

    version: "9.2"

The notable changes in the image compared to the previous one:

  • Xcode 9.2 build version 9C40b
  • Git LFS is now pre-installed (version 2.3.4).
  • iOS simulators have been updated from iOS 11.1 to 11.2 and watchOS 4.1 to 4.2
  • node.js 8.9.0 -> 8.9.1 and the latest version of yarn

We have released Xcode 9.2 for CircleCI 2.0 for macOS earlier today.

Important: this is the last minor release of Xcode on CircleCI 1.0 platform

All further Xcode build images will only be released on CircleCI 2.0 for macOS. Please see this post for details.

If you are currently building macOS / iOS projects on CircleCI 1.0 and would like to try out CircleCI 2.0 for macOS, please check this document for instructions on migrating an iOS project to CircleCI 2.0.