Xcode 9.4 Availability on CircleCI

Hey Everyone!

I know some of you might have questions regarding the new Xcode release. We’ve begun testing the release internally. Pending good results it’ll be available within a week.


Still not ready?

Any news guys? What are the complications?

Xcode 9.4 is now available.

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What was previously working in 9.3, now fails installing aws-s3 gem

Installing aws-s3 0.6.3
Gem::FilePermissionError: You don't have write permissions for the
An error occurred while installing aws-s3 (0.6.3), and Bundler
cannot continue.


@MattKiazyk, I had a similar error installing a different gem after updating from the 9.3 image to the 9.3.1 image. After chatting with support, we found that replacing bundle install with bundle install --path .bundle fixed it.


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