Xcode 14 RC Released

Update 12 September 2022 The Xcode 14 RC release is identical to the full Xcode 14 release, therefore we do not need to release or rebuild this image.

The Xcode 14 RC image has been released and can be selected as follows:

    xcode: 14.0.0

This image replaces Xcode 14 Beta 6

Please note: This image is still propagating through our network. As such you may see slower spin up times for the next ~12 hours

:rotating_light: Changes in this image :warning:

We will no longer be shipping Ruby 2.6 with Xcode 14 and higher. This version of Ruby is classified as EOL by the Ruby project and is no longer maintained. We will continue to ship Ruby 2.7, 3.0 and 3.1.

This image ships with iOS 15.5 and watchOS 8.5 runtimes. Due to space limitations caused by the increase in size for both Xcode and the runtimes, we are unable to ship prior tvOS versions.

:information_source: VM Image Info :information_source:

Xcode 14 Build version 14A309 is installed at /Applications/Xcode-14.0.app

The full manifest of installed software can be found here

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@bytesguy it looks like there are some simulators missing - our snapshot tests currently require an iPhone 12 simulator and when I ran our Xcode 14 compatibility branch build yesterday it was working fine - for some reason the iPhone 12 simulator is missing from the RC image even though it is listed in the manifest.

xcodebuild: error: Unable to find a destination matching the provided destination specifier:
		{ platform:iOS Simulator, OS:16.0, name:iPhone 12 }

	The requested device could not be found because no available devices matched the request.

	Available destinations for the "[redacted]" scheme:
		{ platform:iOS, id:dvtdevice-DVTiPhonePlaceholder-iphoneos:placeholder, name:Any iOS Device }
		{ platform:iOS Simulator, id:dvtdevice-DVTiOSDeviceSimulatorPlaceholder-iphonesimulator:placeholder, name:Any iOS Simulator Device }
		{ platform:iOS Simulator, id:27367DB5-C33B-4941-ABAB-FBE0A69C0713, OS:15.5, name:iPad (9th generation) }
		{ platform:iOS Simulator, id:5D9AA181-08D5-483E-B88D-402AF17AE9CD, OS:16.0, name:iPad (9th generation) }
		{ platform:iOS Simulator, id:33D59298-2A2D-4B24-BEA7-36768F61E152, OS:15.5, name:iPad Air (5th generation) }
		{ platform:iOS Simulator, id:62C0D95E-24CC-42AE-B425-BFAEB8E3A73B, OS:16.0, name:iPad Air (5th generation) }
		{ platform:iOS Simulator, id:6DF699DC-6048-418F-BFE9-D8922E8BC0E6, OS:15.5, name:iPad Pro (9.7-inch) }
		{ platform:iOS Simulator, id:5BA8DD44-9528-425C-B0CA-DEF4EEE844A4, OS:15.5, name:iPad Pro (11-inch) (3rd generation) }
		{ platform:iOS Simulator, id:BBE25A37-D548-45ED-B444-FA85436A7BDB, OS:16.0, name:iPad Pro (11-inch) (3rd generation) }
		{ platform:iOS Simulator, id:3082AAA3-8B63-44D3-B67D-2B3E57DE9504, OS:15.5, name:iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (5th generation) }
		{ platform:iOS Simulator, id:059885B2-0D45-4B96-8CBA-52953A5F9711, OS:16.0, name:iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (5th generation) }
		{ platform:iOS Simulator, id:864FD95A-423F-4B73-885D-57935D61B001, OS:15.5, name:iPad mini (6th generation) }
		{ platform:iOS Simulator, id:B66BCDA8-65B0-4068-91E3-3E80DC6249A4, OS:16.0, name:iPad mini (6th generation) }
		{ platform:iOS Simulator, id:06FF2D2D-6C26-4274-B119-8434EF313D85, OS:15.5, name:iPhone 13 }
		{ platform:iOS Simulator, id:30735AFB-70C3-494B-ACDD-0FE416A978AF, OS:15.5, name:iPhone 13 Pro }
		{ platform:iOS Simulator, id:78BA60DE-59AF-4182-A225-CEAF8A390A99, OS:15.5, name:iPhone 13 Pro Max }
		{ platform:iOS Simulator, id:603D7255-34F8-401F-A133-DCD221CDB13D, OS:15.5, name:iPhone 13 mini }
		{ platform:iOS Simulator, id:4A1A3DD5-1BB6-4E21-86F1-D424C7754523, OS:16.0, name:iPhone 14 }
		{ platform:iOS Simulator, id:74F68F53-F02E-4BCC-BAA5-8AFEF2ACAE74, OS:16.0, name:iPhone 14 Plus }
		{ platform:iOS Simulator, id:774E8039-E77D-4B52-AEC4-44376A63AC68, OS:16.0, name:iPhone 14 Pro }
		{ platform:iOS Simulator, id:1C7B3441-E5EE-4F0F-BE32-F0CBE19C3118, OS:16.0, name:iPhone 14 Pro Max }
		{ platform:iOS Simulator, id:E887F500-2829-4BCD-A672-7D01A33446E6, OS:15.5, name:iPhone SE (3rd generation) }
		{ platform:iOS Simulator, id:04B15187-D1EB-45B1-8F74-7012C838FB0D, OS:16.0, name:iPhone SE (3rd generation) }
		{ platform:iOS Simulator, id:C82367F2-CB20-44CB-9389-5D1BC175D9A9, OS:15.5, name:iPod touch (7th generation) 
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I won’t get round to checking this until Monday but it’s likely the iPhone 12 simulator is only available with iOS 15.5 out of the box. We do not create any additional simulators beyond what is delivered by the simulator runtime.

The manifest does not make any distinction about which devices are available to which SDKs - this will change once our new build system is in production.

As the iOS 16 sim runtime doesn’t include this device by default, you will need to create this with “xcrun simctl create” and the appropriate options.

+1 on missing simulators, we’re relying on an iPhone 11 which existed on earlier versions of Xcode 14 beta but seems to be missing now

@schlagelk As per my comment above, it is likely that Apple dropped these models from having a pre-configured simulator out of the box as 14 RC now includes the iPhone 14 series of devices. The Xcode install in our images are fresh installs on top of fresh macOS installs, so will come with what Apple ships by default - locally you may find you still have these simulators as they can carry forward if you update Xcode.

You can create new simulators with “xcrun simctl create”, it only takes a couple of seconds for the command to run:

static:~ distiller$ xcrun simctl create "iPhone 11 with iOS 16" "iPhone 11" iOS16.0