Xcode 14 Beta 5 Released

The Xcode 14 Beta 5 image has been released and can be selected as follows:

    xcode: 14.0.0

This image replaces Xcode 14 Beta 4

As per our image policy, this beta image is subject to change at any time. This image may also include breaking changes, particularly caused by Xcode updates from Apple.

This version of Xcode supports the following beta platforms:

  • macOS 13
  • iOS 16
  • watchOS 9
  • tvOS 16

:rotating_light: Changes and Known Issues :warning:

This beta image currently does not support older simulator versions (i.e., iOS 15 etc). Due to the increased size of the simulators putting pressure on the disk space in the images, it is currently looking unlikely that we will be including older simulators in images moving forward - we are continuing to investigate.

If backwards compatible testing for iOS 15 is required we currently recommend building on Xcode 14 and testing on an Xcode 13 image.

We will no longer be shipping Ruby 2.6 with Xcode 14 and higher. This version of Ruby is classified as EOL by the Ruby project and is no longer maintained. We will continue to ship Ruby 2.7, 3.0 and 3.1.

VM Image Info

Xcode 14 Build version 14A5294e is installed at /Applications/Xcode-14.0.app

The full manifest of installed software can be found here

Woah - hang on. Can you seriously reconsider not including simulators for the previous iOS version, rather than forcing your customers to massively complicate their CI pipeline?

Our iOS version support policy is pretty generous, in that we support the latest and previous versions of iOS - a lot of other apps support multiple versions back.

As such, we need to be able to build and run our app’s tests against the latest and previous version of iOS using the latest toolchain. I can understand not wanting to include lots of older versions but I would have thought the latest and one version back is the absolute bare minimum.

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