Xcode 12.1.0 GM seed (12A7403)

In order to support the new iPhone 12 device sizes we need the Xcode 12.1.0 GM seed image available on CircleCI. The 12.1.0 GM seed (12A7403) xip is available from Apple here: https://download.developer.apple.com/Developer_Tools/Xcode_12.1_GM_seed/Xcode_12.1_GM_seed.xip

Is there a timeline for when this might be available to customers? The image policy doc didn’t have a time frame for new releases.


Hi @chrisballinger! We don’t have an exact timeline yet, but our devs are hard. When always post the Xcode updates here as soon as we know!

Thanks! iPhone 12 will be available to consumers on 10/23, so it would be ideal if we could get the GM seed build available ASAP to support the new device sizes, so there is time for App Store approval.

Compared to most of the other minor Xcode updates, when there are new device sizes and phone models to support, it’s useful for us to get these Xcode builds on CI as soon as possible.

Xcode 12.1 (GM) Released :tada:

Yayyy thank you!

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