Xcode 11.2 macOS Catalina missing git lfs

After updating to xcode 11.2.0 in our circle ci config, we have started encountering a git lfs error in the checkout phase of our jobs:

git-lfs filter-process: git-lfs: command not found

Based on similar issues online it seems the path may not have git lfs in it. Is there any way we could modify our config to fix this issue?


I faced this issue in xcode 11.2.1 too.

Same issue. This is even more bizarre given that the 11.2.0 manifest says git 2.24.0 (with git-lfs 2.8.0).

Hi everyone! This issue should now be resolved as our engineering team deployed a fix for this around mid last week. Essentially the issue was due to a problematic PATH, so although these tools were installed in the image, they could not be run by just calling the executable name.

Please try pushing a fresh commit to trigger a new build. If you are still facing this problem, please let us know!

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