Xcode 11.2.1 Released, 11.3 soon - 11.2.0 removed

11.2.1 GM

I’ve upgraded the 11.2.1 image to include the GM version of Xcode 11.2.1. The image manifest is here. Xcode has been updated to 11.2.1 Build 11B500.

11.2 Removal

I’ve started to route builds that request 11.2.0 to run on 11.2.1 instead. 11.2.1 is a bugfix release, and there are no other changes to the image. This frees up vital space on our machines to allow us to release 11.3 in a timely fashion.

11.3 Beta

I’ve started to roll out the Xcode 11.3 beta image. It includes Xcode 11.3 version 11C24b.

The manifest is here.

This will roll out today and be available in a few hours.

Set xcode: 11.3.0 in your jobs to select it.

Docs Update

The image manifest docs that we produce for each now include the path to Xcode in them. For example, the 11.3 image docs has the following line added:

Install Path:

This was requested by customers who need to access this path from scripts.

Issue with git-lfs on Catalina

We have a known issue with our Catalina images and git-lfs not working. I hope to roll a fix out for that on Monday, all going well. Our JIRA number for this is CIRCLE-22350 if you need to raise it with your support/account manager.


Adding the install path for Xcode is amazing - thank you!

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You’re welcome. Is there anything else you’d like in the docs?

Not that I can think of at the moment. The Xcode install path was the most glaring absence. Just about anything else I’d want to read into a script is there (available ruby versions, iOS versions, etc).

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The git-lfs issue has been fixed – the checkout step on macOS will now run in a bash login shell, and /usr/local/bin is on the PATH.


So this is a wild stab in the dark: is there any chance that the MacOS builders just now started being set to UTC +0 but weren’t before MacOS Catalina? Reason I ask is that we did have some timezone-sensitive tests in one of our iOS apps that only started failing once I started using the Xcode 11.2.1 image, but were passing in CI before that.

My operating assumption is that CircleCI builders are always UTC +0 but I’m trying to figure out why I’m only seeing this issue now.

Ultimately they are bad tests and are being fixed, of course.

Yes, you are right. The Catalina images now use UTC.

Fun fact: the time zone used to be PDT, since before the company Distiller was acquired by CircleCI (which became the macOS builds on CircleCI 1.0).

5 years later, I finally bit the bullet and set the time zone to UTC. We have tests on the images that used to fail every March and October when PDT changes to PST. This October when the tests broke, I also happened to be building a Catalina image, so I made the change :sweat_smile:

I’ve never been brave enough to change the username in the image from “distiller” to “circleci”. So that’s going to stay as a fun easter egg!


And now the “distiller” mystery has been solved as well! Makes sense! Thank you!

I am currently using the 11.2.1 image, but fastlane is picking up the 11.3-beta?

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Wow, sorry about that Foad. I updated an image this morning and it looks like I updated the wrong slot (Xcode 11.2.1 instead of 11.3 beta). I’ve just fixed the problem now.

The fix won’t be immediate - we pre-boot VMs, so it might take a few minutes for any machines booted before my fix to be used up before we start booting new VMs with the correct image.


Thanks for the quick fix!

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