Xcode 10 image has old version of Mac OS, certain command line tools fail

This script line:

open -a /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Applications/Simulator.app --args -CurrentDeviceUDID $IOS_SIMULATOR_UDID

fails with error:

LSOpenURLsWithRole() failed for the application /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Applications/Simulator.app with error -10825.

Error 10825 is: kLSIncompatibleSystemVersionErr. “The application to be launched cannot run on the current Mac OS version.”

Running sw_vers on the image shows the CircleCI image for Xcode 10 is running Mac OS 10.13.3, which was released in January.

Can this be updated? This is effectively halting our CI integration.

This is why I dislike the Mac OS ecosystem - discontinuances of software support is made for commercial reasons. In Linux, you’d just install an older version of the tool, or compile your own. /grumble

I don’t disagree with the suggestion to update - latest is usually always best - but I wonder whether this needs to be very thoroughly tested before releasing, so it doesn’t break other people’s builds :smiley_cat:

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