Workflow triggering other workflow/pipeline?

In 2023, is there an easier way for a workflow/job to trigger another workflow in the same or other pipeline than having to use the API ?

We don’t have a monorepo, so for example our CI pipelines for web and API should each trigger a pipeline with automated E2E tests that we keep in another repo.

I found a post titled " [Trigger pipeline from other repo commit?] from 2018 with the API solution but am wondering if there is an easier way 5 years later ? (I am unable to add a link to the post, sorry).

Not that I’ve seen. There are some orbs that may help wrap it a little bit, like

The other approach I’ve seen used is to use deploy keys so that you basically add the fingerprint of a read-only deploy key attached to your pipeline clones the e2e test repo in the pipeline from your main repo.