Trigger pipeline from other repo commit?

Hi everyone, first time poster here! I’m have a project that consists of a build repo + 2 dependency repos. Essentially all three repos must be present for anything to be tested. What I’d like to accomplish is having the build repository’s pipeline “watch” the 2 dependencies for git updates, and then clone both of them and execute the series of tests we have for all 3 repositories. I have seen articles about how to clone a private repo into another repo, however, I’m not sure how I would get the build pipeline to trigger when a change is pushed to one of the dependencies. I assume there might be a webhook method to do this, but am having a hard time conceptualizing how the architecture would actually look. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I did first look at this (Trigger build from push on multiple github repos), but it looks like nobody responded :frowning:

You could configure two CircleCI pipelines on the 2 dependency repos. Each dependency could trigger a third pipeline on the build repo using CURL and CircleCI API.

You can start from here: Manage complex development projects by triggering pipelines from other pipelines | CircleCI