Windows store_test_results failing tests don't fail the build

I recently added windows build and test jobs to our existing CI using the win/default executor and powershell. After running the testsuite (pytest with --junitxml for generating the test results) I store the test results using store_test_results, the same way I do when running the testsuite on Linux. The failing test cases show up on the CircleCI page as expected but they don’t fail the job/build the way they do when I store failing test results on Linux.

How can I get CircleCI to mark the job and build as failed when some of the test cases fail?

edit: Not a problem with CircleCI after all. Turns out that not store_test_results but the run job that runs the test suite should have failed the build. The command I used to run the tests on windows just didn’t produce a non-zero status code.