Will privileged containers (SYS_ADMIN and /dev/fuse) be supported?


My project sets up an Azure environment then mounts a shared directory. I’m not able to mount it and as far as I’ve read it’s not possible to run privileged containers in CircleCI. I don’t need all the privileges though, just these two flags:

--cap-add SYS_ADMIN
--device /dev/fuse

Without that I’ve taken my CircleCI setup as far as it can go. I spent 2 weekends converting to Travis-CI because they allow privileged containers, and the builds there are finally green - with the addition of the mount actually working. But I really prefer the Workflows, log output, and other features of CircleCI. So I’d just like to make a final confirmation that this isn’t happening. There’s no way for me to run my custom image (seriema/retro-cloud) on CircleCI with those two flags?

:wave: I’m curious if you’ve given this a shot under our machine executor: https://circleci.com/docs/2.0/executor-types/#using-machine. These run in dedicated virtual machines, which should give you more control over the Docker environment.

Yes I did. It seemed to require the use of certain images so I couldn’t run it with my ”seriema/retro-cloud” that’s on Docker Hub. Maybe I missed something and did it wrong?