Will my team members see my other hobby project build in circle.ci?

My team is using ciricle ci for building work projects. It works as expected.

Now I would like to use circle ci to build some of my hobby projects I forked on github.

I wonder if my team will see my hobby projects as well.

I do not want these projects to appear to my other team members’s ‘following’ list because it will add too much noise. There seems to be no settings to control the visibility of github projects.

They will see the projects only if they have access to the project already on GitHub. They can follow projects that they can see or they interact with. Ultimately, access to projects is controlled on GitHub’s end.

The project is public. I don’t worry about if they have access.

My question is more about: will my addition of project automatically show up on other team members’ project list? The list I am referring to is the list of projects on the left hand side (which allows you to sort by ‘project’ or ‘recent’, ‘Mine’ or ‘all’)

I hope they won’t see my new project until they choose to follow.

If it’s under your personal user or org, no they won’t see it.