Where is the old java environment as a docker image?

My build depends on java 8, maven, python and pip

All of them exist on old circleCI v1 environment (java:oraclejdk8)

After switching to v2 beta I cannot find this environment in any of the docker image.

Is the old build environment available in v2 beta? Or do I have to install all the dependencies in a preceding run step?

For the most part, nothing is preinstalled in the environment on 2.0. Instead, you’d want to search Docker Hub for a Docker image (or multiple) that provide you with the tools you need.

For example, this probably isn’t the only piece you need, but Docker maintains some Java images here: https://hub.docker.com/_/openjdk/

If you haven’t seen it yet, the walkthrough guide might help: https://circleci.com/docs/2.0/migrating-from-1-2/

Thanks a lot for the answer.

I’ve switched to use:
- image: openjdk:8-jdk

And the error now becomes:

mvn: command not found
mvn: not found
Exited with code 127

Is there no default environment for common java development?

For the record, I’ve read the migration guide, which gave me the impression that for every machine in v1 there is a corresponding docker image in v2 (clearly doesn’t apply to java/openjdk).

Do you know why most of the v1 images were not migrated to v2? If my old build pipeline works in v1, then I would rather keep the image rather than customizing my own.