Java 7 missing in Circle CI 2.0?



I’m hoping to build a project that requires Java 7. The docs at suggest this should be possible:

But my build fails with

Starting container circleci/openjdk:7-jdk
  image cache not found on this host, downloading circleci/openjdk:7-jdk
Error response from daemon: manifest for circleci/openjdk:7-jdk not found

and doesn’t actually list any Java 7 JDK images.

Am I just doing something wrong? Or if Java 7 support is unavailable today, is this a planned feature?




Hi Josh,

Java 7 has been EOL for quite some time.

We will not be supporting it as one of our “official” images. If you need to use it the best way would be to grab it from the openjdk docker registry.

You can see all the things that we do to build our official images here:


One more thing, thanks for bringing that doc to our attention. That is incorrect and I will work on getting that fixed asap.

Missing Docker images with Java 7

Hi Levlaz,

That is very disappointing from the point of view of a Circle CI user. Even though Java 7 is EOL, many projects still require that version. Asking multiple users to use a custom docker image is just annoying.

Any chance to rethink that decision?