Where is my owner-id?

There are many references in the API to “owner-id” but no where does it tell you where or how to get your owner ID. Can someone show me how/where?
I tried using the “id” field returned from the “me” API in the “context” API, but that gives me an error of:
“The requested owner does not exist or you don’t have permission to list its contexts”
Which makes no sense coz I am an admin !!

Another frustrating thing is the reference to “owner-slug” without explaining how/where to find that. However through sheer trial and error and guess work (from the doc of “project-slug”), I discovered that it is composed of “{vcs}/{organization}”.
These seem very little things but they can waste someone’s time and they should be defined at the very beginning of a documentation.
Am I wrong or missing something?

Hi @ahmedatgithub ,

The easiest way would be to use the owner-slug parameter as you have mentioned, which takes the format {vcs}/{orgname}.

Example: gh/circleci

For owner-id, you can get it from the following endpoint:


In the response, you will see the owner-id as the value under "org" > "analytics_id"

(note: the above v1.1 endpoint is being deprecated and subject to be removed in the future)

I agree that the documentation could be more clear, and I will escalate this internally to get it updated.

Best Regards

Thanx Aaron, this is helpful.
Really appreciate the quick response.