What would be the status value if a job was successful

I am looking at docs here: CircleCI API and for status it says required but doesn’t show what could be the possible values. Where can i find the list of those values.


The possible values for status are as follows:

  1. “success”
  2. “running”
  3. “not_run”
  4. “failed”
  5. “error”
  6. “failing”
  7. “on_hold”
  8. “canceled”
  9. “unauthorized”

This information can also be found by clicking on RESPONSE SCHEMA for each endpoint in the documentation.

The status key is required to be sent in the response from the API, but is not required to pass in when making a request to the API on your end. I believe for the endpoint you have linked to, only the workflow id is required.

Let me know if you have any additional questions regarding this.

I couldn’t find that response schema thats why i had to post it here. Also, where do blocked, queued fit in? are they part of the status as well? I have definitely seen jobs which are in these status.

@ryeparrotsavannahrye My apologies as the values I stated above were the possible statuses for workflows. You are correct in that the response schema is not listed for jobs. The possible values for job status are as follows:

  1. “unauthorized”
  2. “not_run”
  3. “queued”
  4. “not_running”
  5. “on_hold”
  6. “blocked”
  7. “running”
  8. “canceled”
  9. “infrastructure_fail”
  10. “retried”
  11. “timedout”
  12. “failed”
  13. “success”
  14. “terminated-unknown”

Thanks. Are they listed somewhere in documentation? Moving forward if i have to verify if any of these has cahnged or a new value has been added, how would i do that?

I believe the best way to check for updates in the future is to reference:


The job statues are not currently publicly documented in one location, but we are working on getting the documentation updated.

I was trying to find job statuses in the api docs and it seems they still have not been added. Is there a plan to? It’s been close to a year.