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Is there a published list of all the possible build statuses? I’m trying to write scripting around the API, but I keep discovering unexpected status values that cause my scripts to behave opposite to the way I intended.

I believe it’s here:

"status" : "failed", // :retried, :canceled, :infrastructure_fail, :timedout, :not_run, :running, :failed, :queued, :scheduled, :not_running, :no_tests, :fixed, :success

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Exactly what I was looking for, thanks!

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Follow up:

What’s the difference between the status and lifecycle fields?

What’s the difference between {lifecycle: queued} and {lifecycle: scheduled}?

What’s the difference between {lifecycle: not_run} and {lifecycle: not_running}?

As the API is also valid for Circle 2.0, I’m bumping this not fully answered question with a small addition:

When has a build the status retried?

I rebuilt a 2.0 job and the statuses were just (0.5 seconds update):

  • queued
  • running (multiple times)
  • success

retried Is when CircleCI cancelled and retried the job due to internal issues with the infrastructure. If all goes well you should never see it.

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