Webhooks Open Preview

Today we’re excited to announce that webhooks are in Open Preview. Webhooks are a highly requested feature that make it easy to connect CircleCI to a variety of applications, from chat to reporting to homegrown dashboards.

Open Preview Availability

The webhooks Preview is available to all cloud customers.

Enabling Webhooks

Webhooks are configured in project settings. From the webhooks page, users can configure one of two currently available events: job completed and workflow completed, both with successful, failed, and canceled statuses for rich information regarding your CircleCI processes.

For more information on getting started, see the Webhooks Docs.


We welcome your feedback! See what others are saying and post your own ideas on our webhooks Ideas Board.

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I have been trying the new webhooks and cancelled events are not being sent to my endpoint. is this a feature to come?

Canceled events should be sending for both jobs and workflows. Can you verify that you’re parsing the job statuses correctly? We have folks successfully receiving canceled events, but we definitely want to be sure of what’s going on.

Hi @wenisman,

Currently we send webhook payloads for jobs and workflows for the following events: success, failed, and canceled.

If a webhook was not received, it could have been due to an endpoint not being available or hitting some kind of rate limit for requests.

We can check the logs for webhook requests on our end, so please feel free to submit a ticket if you would like us to do so!

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I just started using webhooks to integrate CircleCi with Datadog. Can you use environment variables in the Retriever URL to represent the API key or must it be added explicitly? Thanks.


Hi @feulertovar! You have to add the API key manually. We’ve adjusted our logging so that the information is hidden and doesn’t propagate anywhere it shouldn’t.

Thank you for the quick reply @thekatertot.