Not receiving webhook events

Hey all I’m having an issue with web hooks or I’m misunderstanding how they are supposed to be used. I have a webhook setup with a receiver url set to one of my azure function app endpoints. This is my experience.

  • When I use ‘test ping event’ I receive the test ping.
  • When I start a workflow, I get no notifications of the workflow starting.
  • When jobs within the workflow start/complete, I get no notifications of their status.
  • When the workflow finishes (success or fail), I get no notification.
  • When I CANCEL a workflow, I will get a trigger notification and a workflow canceled notification.

I find it odd that the webhook sends out the ping and cancelled notifications but no start/complete for the workflow and jobs.

I do have both events checked in the webhook settings window. Am I using this incorrectly?

The only webhooks listed in the API docs and the Web console are


So many of the hooks you are looking for are not listed as available, while the cancelation notification you are receiving is also not listed.

How are you defining the hooks you are registering API or Web Console?