`notify` feature on CircleCI will be sunset on February 1, 2024

On February 1, 2024, the notify feature on CircleCI will be sunset.

An example of the .circleci/config.yml syntax:

   - url: # A list of hook hashes, containing the URL field

This feature has been deprecated for several years and has been superseded by our “outbound webhooks” feature. Outbound webhooks can be configured either in the CircleCI UI or via our v2 API.

Note: If you are using this functionality to generate notifications from CircleCI from a well-defined set of IP addresses, the “outbound webhooks” feature uses this deterministic set of IPs which can be added to your firewall’s allowlist.

Comment below with any questions/concerns

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I got some email notifications about this. But the emails described the repositories that I don’t have permission to access. Where should I report about that?

Can you reply back to sebastian@circleci.com please with more details?

I forwarded the mail to you.

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