Using sso with Cloud Foundry

Hello I am using Single Sign On (sso) with Cloudfoundry. It looks like you can only use one or other with a specific account password and username combination or sso.
In my config yml currently cf auth will not accept my password, username combination which I suppose is because I am using sso on that account to login. However the error message in circleci suggests using cf login or cf login sso. If using cf login sso how is the one-time passcode acquired? Currently the circle task just sits there waiting and eventually times out.

I know I can ask for a new deploy account to be created. But I want to know the available options.

Thank you all.

This is an interesting question. Typically, SSO logins in CI/CD are not going to work in a practical sense. This is because, as you have noticed, there is no way to automate that one-time password acquisition.

With that said, I did do a check at the Cloudfoundry API and it does look like this might allow for similar deployment functionality. Might there be a way to do this deployment via the API without the SSO requirement?