Serverless deploy fails on 'Not logged in'

Newb issue: I am trying to set up a process to automate deployment (to AWS) with the serverless framework.
But for some reason, deployment fails.
In my yml, everything succeeds, including the sudo npm i -g serverless

But later on, the deploy command sls deploy --stage dev fails with the following error.

Serverless Error ---------------------------------------

You are not currently logged in. Follow instructions in to setup env vars for

The link contains instructions to do CI/CD working in serverless dashboard. But that does not fix the CircleCI issue.

My yml is a straight copy from a circle blog post ( The post assumes the deploy should just work.

How could I solve this issue? I have not been able to find any reference, pointers, or docs that can help me sort out how to fix this ‘not logged in’ issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I’ve been stuck at this for days…

UPDATE: I got it to work, thanks to a post and chat on stackoverflow.
If you get this error too, delete the “org” variable line from your serverless.yml file.
This (finally) fixed the problem for me…


Your update saved me!
Thank you kind stranger!
Although I would like to know why.

EDIT: a better solution would be the following for those who need access to serverless dashboard.

i had a same problem with gitab-ci. it was the same issue. running ╰─ SLS_DEBUG=* serverless modified my serverless.yml file and added the “org” which was making my build “fail” by throwing me “Not logged in”! bloody annoying!