Serverless deploy not working today

We use CircleCI to deploy to AWS, and suddenly today our deploy pipeline has started failing.

The deploy step is configured as:

    executor: serverless-framework/default
      - attach_workspace:
          at: .
      - aws-cli/setup
      - serverless-framework/setup
      - run:
          command: serverless deploy --stage prod --verbose
          name: deploy

The aws-cil/setup step completes, and then the “Install Serverless CLI” step, serverless-framework/setup fails with a 404.

This is happening for multiple projects/pipelines for us today.

I started the same thread on the Serverless forum, who informed us that they just released their beta v4 framework version today. I’m wondering if the circleci/serverless-framework@2.0.1 orb is no longer working, due to something involving that release. Unclear yet which side it is on.

Thread: forum dot serverless dot com/t/serverless-deploy-failing-when-run-from-circleci/20184

Update: It appears that the shortened url that the serverless-framework orb used to download the package is no longer working. Serverless team is working on a fix, and there may also be a fix coming via a PR to the orb. has been updated to v2.0.2 with the recommended endpoint change.