Action failed: Create new revision of Web

Since Friday I’m receiving this error in the Deployment phase and I didn’t change any configuration of CircleCI or in AWS so wondering if it could be something on CircleCI side. I’m using 1.0 version not 2.0. You can see the trace below:

create_application_revision /tmp/codedeploy_applications.json /tmp/codedeploy_revisions.json
create_application_revision loaded: {“applications”:[{“application_root”:"/",“region”:“us-east-1”,“revision_location”:{“revisionType”:“S3”,“s3Location”:{“bucket”:“bfb-deployments”,“key”:“web-master-4847c8a”}},“deployment_group”:“Staging”,“application_name”:“Web”}]}
Bundling Web from /home/ubuntu/web
Uploaded Web bundle to S3: {u’revisionType’: u’S3’, u’s3Location’: {‘bundleType’: ‘zip’, ‘eTag’: ‘7fa2a7f904c892a0427af82af761b52c’, u’bucket’: u’bfb-deployments’, u’key’: u’web-master-4847c8a’}}
Registering new revision of Web from {u’revisionType’: u’S3’, u’s3Location’: {‘bundleType’: ‘zip’, ‘eTag’: ‘7fa2a7f904c892a0427af82af761b52c’, u’bucket’: u’bfb-deployments’, u’key’: u’web-master-4847c8a’}}
Unhandled exception
need more than 3 values to unpack

((create_application_revision “/tmp/codedeploy_applications.json” “/tmp/codedeploy_revisions.json”)) returned exit code 1

Action failed: Create new revision of Web

If you mean CircleCI 1.0, that has not worked for a couple of months. It was deprecated and retired.

I has been working for us until last week though. I know they are not updating this version with all the new features of CCI 2.0 but they didn’t shut it down. I’ll try to move to 2.0 but as it does not work with CodeDeploy as 1.0 does, we have to change the entire configuration so it is a big pain…

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

I’m having exactly the same problem, though code deployments were working for me with this precise setup about a week and a half ago as well.

Is anyone at CircleCI going to answer this question?


We have identified an issue where a newer version of boto does not work with our 1.0 AWS CodeDeploy inference script. We have created a problem ticket, due to to 1.0 being EOL it may not be prioritized as fast as our customers would like.

To deploy in the meanwhile, our team has put together a 2.0 config script fragment that uses our new AWS CodeDeploy Orb to enable you to easily switch to 2.0:

version: 2.1
    code-deploy: circleci/aws-code-deploy@0.0.3
      - image: circleci/node:8.12.0
      - checkout
      - run:
          name: Create bundle zip
          command: zip -r .
      - code-deploy/push-bundle:
          application-name: <application-name>
          bundle-source: ~/
          bundle-bucket: <bundle-bucket>
          bundle-key: <bundle-key>
      - code-deploy/deploy-bundle:
          application-name: <application-name>
          deployment-group: <deployment-group>
          bundle-bucket: <bundle-bucket>
          bundle-key: <bundle-key>

If this does not fit your needs, we suggest that you deploy manually using the AWS CLI for the time being. We will update this thread when a fix is deployed.

Thank you for your answer drazisil.

I’m currently handling the deployments in AWS CLI and I’ll wait for your reply once the fix is deployed.