CircleCI with AWS

Hi Team,

I am trying to integrate application with AWS Formation and AWS code Deploy. Please give me the solution to below error.

Failed to upload to {u’bucket’: u’unique-bucket-i12345’, u’key’: u’circleci-demo-app-master-34157ca’} in us-west-2. Check:

  1. Your S3 bucket is in us-west-2
  2. The S3 location is correct for your app
  3. Your AWS credentials are correct
    Unhandled exception

((create_application_revision “/tmp/codedeploy_applications.json” “/tmp/codedeploy_revisions.json”)) returned exit code 1

[Errno 104] Connection reset by peer Action failed: Create new revision of circleci-demo-app


This looks like an intermittent network issue, is this happening consistently in your builds? Thanks.

Did you ever get this resolved? Am running into the same problem, and am thinking it has to do with AWS permissions.

@alexey is this resolved? I’m having the same issue recurring. I thought it might be because I was bundling a bunch of dependencies and the upload was just timing out - but after removing dependencies from the bundle in favor of deferring that installation to AWS CodeDeploy - I’m still seeing this error.

EDIT: Also, I see this is an old discussion, so I can open a new thread if necessary.

EDIT 2: Figured it out! Okay, so for anyone else seeing this - this could be caused by any number of things. For me, it was a small typo in my CircleCI user’s IAM policy. I’d definitely suggest looking there first.