Using Github Merge Queues with Dynamic Configuration

I have enabled merge queues in Github and have also completed the steps to add the gh-readonly branches to our CI overrides. However, we are using dynamic configuration, which causes there to be a “setup” job that runs, figures out which files changed, and triggers code tests based on those changed files.

The issue is that when the “setup” job completes, that seems to count as a “passed” status check, which then triggers the merge queue to merge the PR even though the actual tests have yet to be triggered. Those actual tests then fail because the branch they use no longer exists.

Has anybody found a way around this?

I ended up working around this by creating a multi-step Github Action that is then selected as a “Required Check.” The first step manually polls the /status API for the status of my setup workflow. When that job has completed, the Action waits to see whether it triggered any secondary workflows. If not, it finishes as “success.” If so, it moves to the second step, which uses this Action to monitor the status of the secondary workflows.

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