User based priority queues

In our organization, multiple devs collaborate and queue builds. In many cases, a persom would do rebuilds of their old builds or create new prs. When someone else adds a build, this new build would then be queued after all the other builds and would cause a lot of waiting time for anyone who queues builds

What about a user based priority system?
When Adam has already queued more than [N] number of builds, his subsequent builds would have lesser priority. Say CCI is running all these N builds. Say he adds one more, [N] builds running and [N+1]th waiting. Eve comes along add adds one build, user-based priority kicks in and would queue Eves build as [N+1] and Adams last build as [N+2]nd.

This has multiple advantages:

  1. Everyone gets an equal chance at the CCI without having to wait for all Adams builds to complete
  2. Adam would be judicious with his builds from now on and would queue only prioritized builds.

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