Run builds or jobs of a project sequentially

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Builds/workflows of a project can happen concurrently. That affects our versioning and deployment strategy.

We would need a feature that allows us to run builds of a project sequentially.
If two builds A and B are triggered in this order, I would expect A to build in CircleCI and B to be queued waiting for A to either finish or be in a “waiting for approval” state.
Or the ability to specify in my workflow configuration “jobs” that can’t run concurrently.

I’ve seen a closed topic on this subject Prevent Concurrent Builds of a Branch with a workaround that I would like to avoid. We don’t want to waste resources and pay for a container waiting for a a build to finish.

We are aware of the “Auto-cancel redundant builds” but we don’t want to cancel running builds. As we could be in the process of performing a blue green deployment for example when the cancel build is triggered.

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Welcome to our community. All feature requests should go to the ideas page where they are regularly reviewed by the CircleCI product team.

This is a very common feature request that and right now there is no solution outside of the workaround that you already found.

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