Use CircleCI for public repo without giving access to private repos?


I use CircleCI for a lot of personal open source projects already, and am trying to start using it for my company’s open source projects as well.

When I try to authorize CircleCI for my Github Org, I noticed that Circle requests “Full control of private repositories”. This seems fishy, and makes it so our compliance won’t approve Circle for our open source projects.

Is there a way to enable CircleCI for just one repo (or all public repos), without requiring access to all of my org’s private repos?

The project is


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This is a pretty old post (might have even been before I started) so I’m not sure if this feature was availiable then.

You can now select to only share public project with CircleCI by selecting the drop-down on the GitHub button at signup and selected public only.

For a better explanation of the OAuth scopes we request, please see this comment Github org permissions: only access public repos