Grant circleci access only to specific private github repositories?

I’ve several sensitive Github private repositories that I do not want to give CircleCI access to - I only want to use CircleCI with one specific repository. But CircleCI wants permissions to all private repositories. It doesn’t even look like I can manually setup the webhooks for CircleCI.

Is this possible with CircleCI?

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Granular scopes are not yet available for GitHub permissions. We are currently collecting feedback on this matter here:

Please consider voting for this feature and/or leaving any feedback.

I wonder if you could get a separate hosted Git account and get it to mirror the primary. GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket would probably have a way to do that?

thanks but I see that the issue is almost 2 years old and you said in April that it’s not a priority, so it doesn’t seem worth bothering. Thanks anyway.

Any updates on this? I would like to grant CircleCI access to only a specific set of repositories and not all on GitHub.