Unexpected account lockout. Ukraine

I live and work in western Ukraine in the city of Khmelnitsky.

More than a month ago, my account was blocked and I was offered a form, by filling out which I answered all the questions and described the situation, but I never received a response letter.
Possible reasons are:

  1. My Internet provider gave me an IP address from a common Ukrainian pool and this address belonged to eastern Ukraine (or rather, it was the occupied territories where hostilities are taking place now), contacting the provider’s support, they changed my address to the address of my region, but the account is not has been unlocked.

  2. Near my city Khmelniyskiy, there is a village of the same name in eastern Ukraine, where hostilities are now taking place - Khmelniyskiy, Luhansk region.
    I don’t know the exact reason for blocking my account, but the situation is this… in my country there is a war with Russia, I live in western Ukraine and my account is blocked and I can’t work…

Below I attach links to my city and the city of the same name.