Unable to submit support request due to captcha though the page never prompts for captcha info

I am unable to submit support request on https://support.circleci.com/hc/en-us/requests due to captcha though the page never prompts for captcha info. There is an urgent issue needs addressing, yet I have no way to report that issue.

I would guess you have NoScript or some other security plugin that is getting in the way.

oddly this hasn’t been a problem before. I’ve filed several support requests previously. I had turned off all ad blockers and there are no other things preventing javascript to load. Running latest chrome version on mac.

So looks like I needed to log in on support to file tickets. While I am logged in, I am not presented with the captcha icon.

There should be a logo at the bottom, that looks a bit like this:

protected by reCAPTCHA

Privacy - Terms

I seem to recall that some of these make use of Google’s widespread CDN reach, and it checks to see if you have used other websites in a convincing fashion (in other words, it may not necessarily use a CAPTCHA). I assume I can’t check it without raising a ticket - maybe someone else with a issue, or an employee, can try this.