Unable to build with SSH

Hii all,

I am trying to SSH into CircleCI build container. I have added Public key to my Bitbucket account and added private key to CircleCI SSH Key through SSH Permissions menu. But when do Rebuild with SSH i get the following error:

Failed to enable SSH
No SSH key is found. Please make sure you've added at least one SSH key in your VCS account.

I have added the fingerprint also to the config.yml

Hi all,

Even Iam also getting issue with ssh…Could you please suggest me for this.

Please only post problems once @Saranya - your duplicate is here.

Things to try:

  • Add -v flags to your SSH command to show what is happening, then paste those logs here in a formatted block
  • Set up a dummy project in BitBucket, create a throwaway public/private key for it, put in the public key in CircleCI, push an example commit, and then show us the keys that you have set up. Last time I went through this with someone, they had an (obvious) line break in one of their keys.

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