Unable to approve "type: approval" workflows

Approval steps in the CircleCI UI are not working in multiple repositories since sometime today.


  1. Click on approval step in the workflow view
  2. Click “Approve” on the confirmation modal
    3a. Observe modal close, but approval remains in a “paused” state
    3b. Observe a 500 POST request in the network tab

I’m also having problems with approval steps right now. I can’t even get the approve ‘thumbs up’ button to display, so my builds just remain paused forever.

Seems like there’s been an update to the platform as I notice some new animations and assets. Also seems to have broken some stuff.

I have the same issue as well.

Also I’m having the same problem.

Same issue

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I’m having this problem too – just a minus sign icon by the approval task and no way to approve it. After maybe 15 minutes, my most recent approval task changed to “Failed.”

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I’m not even able to click the hold button. About an hour ago, another developer was able to click approve, but the job just shows as failed.

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Oh, it just came back? And I see “Incident identified”: https://status.circleci.com/

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Confirmed, it started working for me just a minute ago.

I’m able to “approve” now too.

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