Unable restart or scale a release component with error: "failed to get API group resources"

We’re using CircleCI releases feature and like it! However, we found an issue when I restart or scale a component, I got this error:

Attempting to scale namespace.applicationName from 1 replicas to 2 replicas…
Could not get component workload for this component.
Failed to scale component.
Could not execute command. Please check agent logs for details.

If I look at the command executor Pod log, it showed

  "time": "2024-04-11T23:41:44.806529861Z",
  "level": "ERROR",
  "msg": "failed to scale component",
  "component_slug": "namespace.applicationName",
  "current_desired_replicas": 1,
  "new_desired_replicas": 2,
  "command_id": "752fcc82-2081-470c-84cf-79f09c25d682",
  "command_type": "SCALE_COMPONENT",
  "command_payload": {
    "component_slug": "namespace.applicationName",
    "current_desired_replicas": 1,
    "new_desired_replicas": 2,
    "project_id": "82d6ceca-1848-4116-a7a8-21e46d533e76"
  "correlation_id": "8800f60f-a1f2-4d19-93cf-6234daf8111b",
  "error": "failed to get API group resources: unable to retrieve the complete list of server APIs: argoproj.io/v1alpha1: the server could not find the requested resource"

The restore version function works.
A bit of background of our application: we run applications on EKS Fargate. We use Helm to manage our deployments, and we do not have ArgoCD (that’s possibly the reason why I saw this error).
Is there a way that I can fix this issue? Or do I have to adopt ArgoCD to use this feature?

Hi @chenyang! We released v1.2.1 of the Release Agent earlier today, which includes a fix to the issue you encountered. Please update your agent and let me know if you continue to have any issues.

You can find instructions for updating the agent in our docs, but I’ve also included them below.

  1. Update your local Helm cache:
helm repo update
  1. Upgrade to the new version:
helm upgrade --install circleci-release-agent-system release-agent/circleci-release-agent \
--set tokenSecret.token=[YOUR_CCI_INTEGRATION_TOKEN] --create-namespace \
--namespace circleci-release-agent-system \
--set managedNamespaces="{namespace1,namespace2}"

I also want to clarify that, while our agent integrates with Argo Rollouts, it is optional. We’ll be working on an ArgoCD integration in the future, but it will also be optional.

I hope this helps but don’t hesitate to reach out with any other questions or feedback you have!!

Thanks, Alexa! I can confirm it’s working now after upgrading to v1.2.1

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