Two different repos in one build

Hi everybody,

I have in my bitbucket one project with two different repos, one with the frontend and the other with the backend.
In my build, I’d like to, even for the frontend or the backend, fetch the other part left and place them together to build them as a unique webapp. Is that possible? If so, I started trying to archive that, and perhaps run a command of git clone could solve that?

I’m quite new into this world (so interesting) and for that also lost in some aspects, but I’m seeing that CircleCI have a strong community behind.

Thanks in advance, jvicensfarrus.

Yes, it is possible. Do you mean that you need to do checkouts in order to successfully build your project?

At the beginning was what I thought, but now I’m thinking that I even don’t need what I’m asking because they could be built as a single projects