Using two repositories from GitHub in one build

Hi everybody,
I’m trying to install two repositories in one build and use one of the repositories to stub localhost in the build time, so that the second repo (iOS) will run tests against the first repo. I’m pretty sure that it’s possible. I’ve added SSH keys to our repo:
- add-ssh-keys:
- “0c:e0:3b:c4:6f:24:7d:54:ea:00:06:01:69:5f:2d:69”
Any idea how to fully do that?
I’ve reached out to CircleCI support and they told that ruby already comes installed in the Xcode image, so I guess the biggest bottleneck in doing a checkout of the Ruby branch and booting up the environment, but I’m not fully clear on how to do that?

Thanks in advance,

Regarding using two repos, I added some thoughts in this thread:

(I suggest you ask the Ruby/Xcode question separately, since that sounds unrelated).

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