Starting Multiple Repo's at once

Currently, I have a frontend server running on REACT, and my backend is running on Node.js. They are 2 different repositories, which rely on each other. If I am in my frontend repository, and want to start up the backend server, how would I do so. I also need to get some files from the backend repository to set up my database, is there a way I can access a different repository from the one I am currently in? If so, and if anybody has done something similar, could you attach an example?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t have an example on hand but I believe git submodules can do the job, but you’ll need to a key that can access both repos: Adding an SSH Key to CircleCI - CircleCI

There is also apparently an orb that can save a couple of lines, but you don’t have to use it of course: CircleCI Developer Hub - opuscapita/git