Trigger a build from a pull request

I would like to trigger an iOS build from a pull request in an organization’s private repository.
We use a typical git flow with feature branches and a develop branch.
When a pull request is created from any branch into develop, I would like CircleCI to begin testing and building that feature branch.

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Is this not already happening for you? If the branches are within the same project, they should already be building in CircleCI when pushed. If these branches are on forks, you’ll need to turn on that permission.

The branches are not in forks. They are branches off of the main repo’s develop branch.

I am looking for something similar. Here is the situation

1 - We only want to run builds for selected whitelisted branches , plus
2 - We want to run build for all pull-requests

How do achieve point 2

We can make everyone follow a naming convention and add a reg-ex in circleci.yml, but this is not ideal for us. We don’t care about the name of the branch.

Some direction would be appreciatdd :smiley:


Nothing yet? =/shit

I’m not a Circle employee, but I don’t mind asking you to keep your language civil and professional.