How to build every commit in a pull request?

Currently it looks like CircleCI only builds the head of a branch for a pull request. I’d like to make sure every commit passes CI (I check commit message formatting, for example). Is there a way to make Circle build every commit instead of just building the branch’s head?

Here’s what it currently looks like:

But I’d like both commits to be built (which would result in a red X next to each of them).


Did you found a way to do this? I’m stuck in the same situation.
Using the “Trigger a new Build with a Branch” API, I specify the PR and a few things that seemed useful :

	"revision": "955bee65dfb7c8a4df40354c145fa32d40aef7e9",
	"build_parameters": {
		"CIRCLE_BRANCH": "pull/665",
		"CIRCLE_PR_NUMBER": "665",
		"CIRCLE_PR_USERNAME": "winzou",

But I still get an error : fatal: Could not parse object '955bee65dfb7c8a4df40354c145fa32d40aef7e9'.

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