The jenkins/jnlp-agent-docker container gets terminated immediately

All of our pipelines stop work this morning and they worked yesterday. We found the agent ‘jenkins/jnlp-agent-docker’ container gets terminated immediately after the container starts. The exit cod was 0.

Please help us out. Thanks

Hi @dil-yiliu ,

Thank you for sharing your issue on our forum!

Taking a look at Jenkin’s Docker Hub page, I can see that a new version of the jenkins/jnlp-agent-docker image was released 8 hours ago. It is possible that a change in this newer image is causing issues with your build.

One workaround to try would be to use an older version of the image that was previously working.
It will look something like this:

- image: jenkins/jnlp-agent-docker@sha256:3c46d25ca1d2d79525dffe06c3231510c1f8c4075880c98a62be318807adaa0d

You can get the sha256 of the image by checking the logs of your Spin up environment step of a job.

If you would like us to take a deeper look, please share a link to your failing job. You can also submit a support ticket on the following page:

Best Regards