Container-agent, incorrect

While using the container-agent and specifying an image from an internal repo (shown below in my executor block) I get ImagePullBackOff errors failed to authorize: failed to fetch anonymous token: unexpected status: 401 Unauthorized.

  - image:
      username: $myrepo_API_ACCOUNT
      password: $myrepo_API_KEY

When digging into the secrets created in the container-agent k8s namespace I see one named ccicred-removed-0-removed. This secret is of the type The .dockerconfigjson key when decoded is as follows. The username and password match the values I’d expect via the supplied environment variables in my executor block. However, the docker-server (e.g. is incorrect. I’d expect that to be Is this a bug? cc @sebastian-lerner

  "auths": {
    "": {
      "username": "removed",
      "password": "removed",
      "auth": "removed"

Interesting. Can you share the container-agent version where you’re seeing this?

oops, sorry about that. It is 1.0.15380. Thanks for taking a look.

Thanks. Looks like a bug. Having my team take a look at it, I’ll update when i have more.

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We’ve got a fix identified and checked in. I’ll update when we have a new helm version out to pull down so you can confirm that it is fixed on your end.

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@jpi We merged a fix earlier today. Can you try this again and let us know if you’re still seeing this issue?

@sebastian-lerner works great, thank you! fixed in 1.0.15989.

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