Which docker repository is being used?

If I log over SSH into a container running my tests, I do not have access to the images available in DockerHub.

ubuntu@box146:~$ docker pull quintly/main-dev
Using default tag: latest
latest: Pulling from quintly/main-dev

Digest: sha256:80411040f8ae23960595c9dfce5272cfa1fb8cf0fb5d5877c1b07633fcc5cc8c
Status: Image is up to date for quintly/main-dev:latest

docker pull quintly/main-dev:latest
latest: Pulling from quintly/main-dev
Digest: sha256:f3da432c907992d5d01fec25c75ed3a07baf550face59c7e8310656a423c9c63
Status: Image is up to date for quintly/main-dev:latest

What’s going on here? Where is this documented?

You might need to provide more of your circle.yml or deploy script here. I’m not sure what the issue is yet.

Hej Feliciano, thank you for your answer. I gained a better understanding of the problem: circle CI uses old docker version 1.9 and our infrastructure already uses 1.10+ and the way images are approached changed dramatically. So the right images are used but are associated to distinct IDs (sic).

See that article for more details on that topic: http://windsock.io/explaining-docker-image-ids

When do you plan to propose 1.10+ ? (We are also hindered by old docker-compose BTW).

We have a version of Docker 1.10 that works reasonably well: Docker 1.10.0 is available (Beta)

More comprehensive Docker support will be available in CircleCI 2.0 - you can request beta access here: https://circleci.com/beta-access/